Record keeping for HACCP food safety

Good record keeping is paramount for any business. Record keeping is not only required by different laws but forms the basis for objective evidence of your food safety HACCP system. For any food business that has been through a HACCP audit or third party HACCP certification audit, having clear, legible food safety HACCP records can [...]

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Top 5 record falsification practices

Record falsification is very easy to detect to the trained and astute auditor. A lot of the time is it really just about common sense. It still amazes me after so many years of auditing, that I still witness record falsification practices occurring in food business. When I uncover the record falsification, I am always [...]

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How to develop an Audit Tool

A well planned audit tool can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful inspection or audit. The inspection or audit tool also becomes an important piece of objective evidence to support that the inspection or audit was actually undertaken. Please keep in mind that an audit tool is different to the audit report. Design [...]

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The Basics of HACCP Monitoring forms

Monitoring forms are the foundation of your food safety and HACCP audit evidence. When monitoring forms are completed or filled out they become a record. These records then become your core evidence to prove due diligence along with HACCP compliance. There are some key requirements that need to be included on any food safety or [...]

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