How to copy a process and import

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(1) Enter the Setup area and select which form you want to copy.

(2) Click the Download button

(3) Save to your preferred folder e.g. downloads (so you can find it again)

(4) Return to the Setup page

(5) Click on Import a process

(6) Enter a name for your process into the Process field and allocate it to a Group (if needed). E.g. QA Draft

(7) Click on Choose File and select the file that you previously downloaded. Files should be .xml

(8) Click Next

You will now be on the Import a process page. You may have a warning show regarding the file is partially invalid. Click on the Details link to review. It may relate to the approval process. This can be rectified from the workflow once you have uploaded.

(9) Click on Finish

(10) You will now see the imported process in Setup mode that you can now edit to suit your business.

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