How to download and import records

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(1) From the setup Screen select the process you want to download the records from. Click on View.

(2) Change the View to Active and archived so you can see all records

(3) Click on Download and save to your preferred location

(4) From the Processes page, select the process form that you want to import the records into.

(5) Select Import from the More Dropdown list

(6) Select file to upload by clicking on Choose File button

(7) Click Upload button

(8) Check for any errors by clicking on the Preview area. It will change to yellow when you hover over the area.

(9) You will also have the option to specify what you want to do with the imported data.

(10) Click on Import

(11) If successful you should see All green with ticks. Click on Done.

(12) You should now see your imported records in the process form.

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