How to filter process records by date

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(1) Select the records that you want to filter by selecting Setup from the hamburger navigation menu. Click on the relevant process form.

(2) Click on View so you can see a list of process records that currently exist for the relevant process form.

(3) Change the view to Active and archived to see all records. You can also just select the type of record you want to view eg. Just active or just archived.

(4) Click on Filter from the navigation menu

(5)  A filter sorter will appear in the right section of the window. Click on the Fields link.

(6) Select the Date link.

(7) To choose your dates select Limit to and then click the Value drop down box. Select Range.

(8) Enter in the date range you want to be able to view. Click the Add filter button.

(9) Your records will now show for your selected date filter. You can save this view if preferred or delete the view by clicking on the x button or +Save as view button.

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