How to view your file storage limits

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As part of the base HACCP Records subscription you have 4GB space allocated to your account. You may be wondering ‘how does that actually equate to the number of images that can be uploaded?’ Let’s work that out.

4 GB is 4,000,000 KBs. If we say the average photo is 100 kb (it could be more, it could be less – It really is a wide range depending on your camera settings). This would equate to 40,000 photos being able to be added. You can reduce the size of a picture by using smaller size, lower resolution etc.

How much space has been used?

To see how much space your account has used just follow the following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the Setup screen.

Step 2: Click on Views (this is usually located on the bottom right of the screen)

To show where the click to access views are located within the HACCP Records administration platform.

Step 3: This will show you the Files window. The Total files are listed along with the number of files. The size of individual files is shown in the column titled Size.

Shows where the Total Files and size columns are located within the HACCP Records administration platform.
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